Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The line is made up of two parts.
The first one is a pressing line starting with strip where the right or left parts of the joint are executed. The strip is inserted in the press where an suitable mobile die cuts the piece before forming. This cut has a conical form to allow the saving of material.
Transfer with 3 arms to pass from the cut to the forming and then trimming (with scrap) and then unloading/stacking.
Unloading with automatic descent and automatic displacement of the package.
The second part is a seam folding machine to assemble the two parts (right-left) of the elbow. With a hydraulic sequencing the seaming of the two pieces is executed, prepared in the adjacent press.

Attached images
General view of the line
Finished product
Detail of dies
Seaming unit for elbow joints
Finished product
Unloading and stacking bench
Detail of transfer
Control panel
Technical data
Pressed half-elbow joints on transfer 10-14 pz./min.
Prod. of elbow joints on seaming unit 5 pz./min.
Direction pressing operation Left-Right
Power absorbed by the press 25 kW
Power absorbed by the seaming unit 25 kW
Line colour 5015 RAL
Material: Copper, Pre-painted, S.S.
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