Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The seamer for elbow joints is made up from a welded steel base on which a machined shoulder is fixed where inner pieces and slides are mounted.
For the seaming, for the support of the inner piece apart from the steel shoulder there is a foldaway hydraulic device, which is to position the inner piece and of the elbow joint.
Hydraulic power pack with special cylinders, for positioning and work (cod. 195). Electric plant with microprocessors complete with control desk, piece counter and all the equipments needed for the perfect functioning of the whole plant.
Complete with automatic discharger of the finished piece.
The press necessary to insert these dies is a hydraulic one of 100 tonnes with base 1000x500 (option).

Attached images
Press for dies (optional)
Example of finished product
Drawing of a product
View of seaming plant
View of seaming plant
Square sheet for production of half-elbows
Half-elbow obtained from die
Detail of kit for seaming
Control desk
Technical data
Production (pieces/min) 5
Manual piece loading
Production of pre-painted, galv, copper
Line colour to be determined
Line direction to be determined
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